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Camp Tunefox 2020 Guitar Curriculum

By Daniel Mlejnek on May 12, 2020


Here are the topics for Kenny Smith's and Chris Luquette's guitar classes at Camp Tunefox 2020. Each day features a theme for the teacher to base their lessons on. Day 1 is Backup & Groove, Day 2 is Melody, and Day 3 is Creativity/Improvisation.

The deadline to sign up for camp is May 14 at midnight EST.

Learn more about camp and reserve your spot at https://www.tunefox.com/camp/.

Kenny Smith's Class Topics:

Friday (Backup & Groove):

  • Beg/Int. Class – How to become a better Rhythm player. The basic rhythm pattern and the importance of the G-run.
  • Advanced Class – Advanced rhythm pattern variations and playing on the chop side of the beat (2 and 4).

Saturday (Melody):

  • Beg/Int. Class – Ear training. How do you learn the melody from other instruments? How do you decide where to start? What key? Open or capo?
  • Advanced Class – Creating solos using melody ideas. Variations on the melody without losing the tune.

Sunday (Creativity/Improv):

  • Beg/Int. Class – How to start improvising. The first steps on learning how to play what you feel and using arpeggios to improvise.
  • Advanced Class – Ideas on how to make your solos unique and different and how to start thinking with your picking hand instead of your noting hand.

Chris Luquette's Class Topics:

Friday (Backup & Groove):

  • Beg/Int. Class - Rhythm patterns, dynamics, and taking your rhythm to the next level.
  • Advanced Class – Mastering dynamics, fantastic upstrokes, mastering the base runs, and adding movement to the music.

Saturday (Melody):

  • Beg/Int. Class – Exercise techniques, open scales, Where to start with improvisation, the beauty of the right hand.
  • Advanced Class – The beauty of the right hand, using both hands together, take a ride up the neck.

Sunday (Creativity/Improv):

  • Beg/Int. Class - Phrasing, improvisation aspects, open scales to unlock improv and creativity.
  • Advanced Class – Soloing, open scales and up the neck, improvisation tools.


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