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Advanced Blues 5 - Blues in E

  • Blues in E
  • Key   E
  • Tempo   50 bpm
  • Tuning   EADGBE
This Blues in E by Yuta Tanaka has a composed section at the beginning, and lets us take a look at how he might improvise over the same chord changes starting in measure 7. The composed part at the beginning is very similar to a country rhythm pattern you might hear in a song like "Workin' Man Blues". There's a lot of places where you'll need to "double up" on picking with your index or middle finger. Playing two sixteenth notes back to back with the same finger is no easy task. You may have to "come back to the gym" with some regularity on this one before you get in good enough shape to play it cleanly. Make sure to use the focus feature to put in your reps on individual measures.

Tags: #fingerstyle, #blues