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1. No strings attached

Choose an instrument. Whether it be the banjo, guitar or the mandolin, Tunefox has hundreds of solos to get you started regardless of your pick.

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2. Name that tune

Choose a song. Let it be something old, something new or even something blue – with Tunefox there’s an endless selection of songs to move you.

Playback Speed

100 bpm

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3. Come one, come all

Choose a level of expertise. It doesn’t matter if you are already a musician or just realizing you want to be one, Tunefox has arrangements suited for beginners and professionals too.

4. Made to measure

Choose a melody. Whether you want to learn a song as is or adapt it to experience it your way - Tunefox has the capability to shuffle licks, resize tablatures and plenty more to make it yours.

Endless opportunities

With over 8,000 licks built into over 900 song variations, Tunefox provides just the right tools to create your own custom arrangements. What’s more, the banjo, guitar and mandolin instrument selection is only the beginning.

Learn anytime, anywhere

Practice and listen to the songs you’ve created during your commute, before bed or even at the gym. Tunefox auto syncs your masterpieces allowing you to listen and learn wherever you are and regardless of which device you’re on.

Experience like the pros

Each Tunefox song is handmade by top musicians and educators in the industry. And with practice tools like memory-train, speed up, quality backing tracks and more, Tunefox takes you steps closer to playing like a legend.

Jam alongside our happy musicians

Steve Martin

Award Winning Banjo Player, Comedian, Actor, Writer

Steve Martin

Tunefox is a superior way to learn songs and licks in the privacy of your own home. A clear method of teaching all styles of bluegrass banjo; enough to keep you busy for years.

Graham Sharp

Banjo Player, Steep Canyon Rangers

Graham Sharp

It's a great jumping off point for making up my own licks.

Wes Corbett

Banjo Player, Molly Tuttle Band

Wes Corbett

Tunefox is the best digital learning tool for banjo I've ever encountered. The interface is intuitive, and the content is musical and well thought out. Everyone learning bluegrass banjo should get this app."

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