Tunefox is a pickers paradise. It’s a one of a kind platform, where musicians and those aspiring to be musicians can choose their tune and tap into their creative potential to make it their own.

Developed on the spirit of turning ideas into reality, Tunefox is dedicated to inspiring these same principles. By cultivating an oasis of creative learning, we’re transforming the way people learn and create music in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

We believe that music inspires and moves us and trust that our product can do the same. Lose yourself in our paradise and experience it for yourself.

Our Mission

To inspire creativity and touch lives through unique learning techniques, repertoire and the power of music.


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  • Jiri

    Being a lover of spending time playing the guitar, banjo and riding his bike in the Czech mountains - it’s no surprise Jiri has dedicated himself to building an inspiring and creative app like Tunefox. As the true technical expert behind the product, he believes that developing software is beautiful creative work that allows him to be both an architect and poet simultaneously. Jiri is a true believer in Tunefox and is inspired by the products ability to teach people that music is not rigid but rather a fluid variable of art.

    Jiří Markalous

  • Bennett

    As a Brooklyn-based educator and performer in the bluegrass world it’s only natural that Bennett and the banjo go hand in hand. With a passion for performing, learning and creating new music, Bennett has toured with some top musicians in the industry and has dedicated himself to creating multiple learning platforms for the bluegrass world. With his love for music and exploring new solutions for learning music, Tunefox was developed. Bennett is passionate about helping students get more creative and experienced with music and believes that with Tunefox people will feel a freshness that has yet to be felt.

    Bennett Sullivan

  • Kuba

    Playing guitar in a rock band and writing code are two of Kuba’s favorite things, but this just wasn’t enough – he wanted to make a difference. Inspired by the desire to help others, Kuba contributed his programming and software development knowledge into bringing Tunefox to life and inspiring musicians to learn and play more music. Kuba is a Czech-based programmer, guitar playing, Star Wars loving, family oriented and NASA enthusiast Tunefoxer.

    Jakub Prokopec

„This is a tremendously useful and effective app, both for learning new songs and for getting more comfortable branching out from the basic versions. Well done, Listen & Learn. Thumbs up – with two fingers!”

John Lawless, Bluegrass Today

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