Tunefox is a web and app based learning tool designed to help people learn bluegrass songs and licks for guitar, mandolin, bass and banjo. Each song in Tunefox has more versions and each of those arrangements has switchable licks. You can adjust the difficulty for each song by simply moving the slider.

For example, let’s say you get a basic arrangement of a tune under your fingers. With Tunefox you can shuffle the measures and the individual notes of a song to create a new solo based on the original you just learned. We think it’s a fantastic way to approach improvisation. Included are all of the normal practice tools - tempo slider, backing tracks, chords, and looping/measure selection as well as special tools like speed up, hide notes, and memory-train.

Our goal is to help students become real musicians. We don’t want you to just learn an arrangement of a tune and then only be able to play that arrangement. There’s so much more to a solo and a lot of it has to do with hearing the bluegrass vocabulary and then learning how it fits into a song that you know.

Our Mission

To inspire creativity and touch lives through unique learning techniques, repertoire and the power of music.


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  • Jiri

    Being a lover of spending time playing the guitar, banjo and riding his bike in the Czech mountains - it’s no surprise Jiri has dedicated himself to building an inspiring and creative app like Tunefox. As the true technical expert behind the product, he believes that developing software is beautiful creative work that allows him to be both an architect and poet simultaneously. Jiri is a true believer in Tunefox and is inspired by the products ability to teach people that music is not rigid but rather a fluid variable of art.

    Jiří Markalous

  • Jordan

    Ever since attending the ROMP bluegrass music festival, Jordan has been devoted to Bluegrass music. He’s also an avid gamer and loves playing “Overwatch”. As head of content for Tunefox, Jordan hopes to help people find more joy in the learning and music making process. With over 10 years of experience teaching large numbers of private and group lessons, Jordan shares a wealth of knowledge with every Tunefox Subscriber.

    Jordan is a two-time Kentucky State Banjo Champion and has played on stages such as The Ryman Auditorium, The Greek Theatre, The Station Inn, Bean Blossom, ROMP and more. He’s been able to perform with or open for artists such as Orville Peck, Molly Tuttle, Ricky Skaggs, Russell Moore, Sister Sadie and others. He is also a founding member of Owensboro based Bluegrass band, Kentucky Shine. Music is a gift that Jordan continues to share with others through Tunefox and beyond.

    Jordan Riehm

  • Kuba

    Playing guitar in a rock band and writing code are two of Kuba’s favorite things, but this just wasn’t enough – he wanted to make a difference. Inspired by the desire to help others, Kuba contributed his programming and software development knowledge into bringing Tunefox to life and inspiring musicians to learn and play more music. Kuba is a Czech-based programmer, guitar playing, Star Wars loving, family oriented and NASA enthusiast Tunefoxer.

    Jakub Prokopec

„This is a tremendously useful and effective app, both for learning new songs and for getting more comfortable branching out from the basic versions. Well done, Listen & Learn. Thumbs up – with two fingers!”

John Lawless, Bluegrass Today

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