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Clawhammer banjo tablatures for Camptown Races

Stephen Foster

Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #clawhammer, #double c, #traditional

"Camptown Races" by Stephen Foster is a classic favorite for all banjo players, particularly those starting out with a Clawhammer banjo in Double C tuning. This iconic piece is great for beginning banjoists, as its straightforward melody and driving rhythm make it surprisingly easy to learn, while still exuding a timeless Americana flavor. The bright and cheerful nature of "Camptown Races" make it an instantly enjoyable experience, and it is sure to be a showstopper in any collection.

  • Clawhammer banjo Camptown Races Clawhammer


    Tune your banjo to double C, and if you choose put on the capo at the 2nd fret then spike or tune up that 5th string. This arrangement follows the basic melody, and will reveal only ...

    Clawhammer banjo Camptown Races Clawhammer