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Clawhammer banjo tablatures for O Come, All Ye Faithful


Recomended level: Beginner

Embark on a heartfelt, melodious journey with "O Come, All Ye Faithful" on Clawhammer Banjo. This renowned carol, enriched with an old-time hymn flavor, serves as the perfect pick for both beginner and intermediate players. Capture the essence of holiday spirit through its stirring melody and an authentic old-time banjo interpretation that’s accessible yet rewarding.

Start with the Melody. If you know the song, try and sing the words as you play the melody notes. This is great for your memory. If you can sing it in time, with effort, you can also play it in time. If you've heard the tune enough times you know how it's supposed to sound. That's so important. If you don't know how a song is supposed to sound, don't just play the tab. Listen repeatedly with the Tunefox player or to your favorite version. Make listening a part of your practice.

After learning the melody, check out the Clawhammer version of this tune. We're adding in the Bum-Ditty rhythm pattern to give it that classic Old-Time claw sound. Add in a few licks for even more flavor and holiday spirit.

  • Clawhammer banjo O Come, All Ye Faithful Melody


    Pay close attention to the fingering indications for your fret hand. Use only your striking finger for all the melody notes in this basic arrangement. When trying some of the licks, ...

    Clawhammer banjo O Come, All Ye Faithful Melody
  • Clawhammer banjo O Come, All Ye Faithful Clawhammer


    A little Bum-Ditty goes a long way. If you've learned the melody first, and you should, you'll notice we've simply added the bum-ditty pattern to the melody. If you need a bit more e...

    Clawhammer banjo O Come, All Ye Faithful Clawhammer