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Clawhammer banjo tablatures for Ode to Joy

Ludwig van Beethoven

Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #double c, #double thumb, #drop thumb

"Ode to Joy" on Clawhammer Banjo offers beginner and intermediate players a perfect opportunity to delve into old-time melodies with a fresh twist. This charming adaptation of Beethoven's joyous composition showcases the distinctive clawhammer technique, making it an exciting addition to any banjo player's repertoire. Its melodic strains and rhythmic backdrop resonate beautifully through the unique soundscape of the banjo, offering a delightful challenge for those eager to broaden their musical horizons.

Start with the Melody. Learning this gives you a great foundation to build on. Learning a few licks will prepare you for the Clawhammer version.

The Clawhammer version of this tune uses some double thumbing. This technique uses the thumb to play the fifth string between every other melody note. The licks on this tune are very cool, but might be very complex and tough for you. Make sure to use the focus feature to listen to and practice the tough licks repeatedly.

  • Clawhammer banjo Ode to Joy Melody


    This melody sounds glorious on Clawhammer banjo in double C tuning. The licks demonstrate some simple variations such as including chords and the bum-ditty pattern.

    Clawhammer banjo Ode to Joy Melody
  • Clawhammer banjo Ode to Joy Clawhammer


    This arrangement employs some double thumbing with the melody. If you aren't used to using the 5th string that much you can use the difficulty slider to simplify the arrangement whe...

    Clawhammer banjo Ode to Joy Clawhammer