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Clawhammer banjo tablatures for Squirrel Hunters

John Hartford

Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #fiddle tune, #clawhammer, #john hartford, #banjo, #double c

Squirrel Hunters for Clawhammer Banjo: The perfect fiddle tune for beginners! This traditional song, popularized by John Hartford, is a classic in the banjo world. With its catchy melody and fun rhythm, and played in the popular Double C tuning, it's a must-learn for any aspiring clawhammer player.

  • Clawhammer banjo Squirrel Hunters Clawhammer


    Double C Tuning. Capo 2. Spike at the 7th fret. This is a classic John Hartford fiddle tune, and sounds absolutely beautiful on Clawhammer banjo. Check out the licks for some great m...

    Clawhammer banjo Squirrel Hunters Clawhammer