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Fingerstyle Guitar tablatures for Freight Train


Recomended level: Intermediate

Take a musical ride down the tracks with 'Freight Train,' a timeless fingerstyle guitar song. This beloved tune encapsulates the rhythmic pulse of a moving train, guiding your fingers through a delightful dance of strings. Explore the art of fingerpicking as you replicate the chug and melody, creating a captivating acoustic experience. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, 'Freight Train' invites you to master the fundamentals of fingerstyle technique while immersing yourself in the rich soundscape of folk-inspired melodies.

  • Fingerstyle Guitar Freight Train  Fingerstyle


    Freight train is a fingerpicking classic. This song has become synonymous with Elizabeth Cotton. Make sure to listen to her version if you haven't already. Elizabeth played the guita...

    Fingerstyle Guitar Freight Train  Fingerstyle