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Fingerstyle Guitar tablatures for Intermediate Blues 3

Yuta Tanaka

Recomended level: Intermediate

"Blues 3" by Yuta Tanak is a fun and challenging fingerstyle guitar song for intermediate players. The piece contains intricately played triplets and a driving rhythm that will keep you engaged throughout its entirety. Fond of blues music? Then give this piece a try – you'll be surprised at how powerful and satisfying it is to play. Not only does this song feature challenging techniques but it also provides an opportunity to hone musicality and rhythmic expression. Don't miss out on this fantastic piece – it's bound to give you hours of fun!

  • Fingerstyle Guitar Intermediate Blues 3 Triplet Blues

    Triplet Blues

    This arrangement makes great use of the triplet. It gives you a quintessential blues sound. There are some great licks here and some great sounds up the neck.

    Fingerstyle Guitar Intermediate Blues 3 Triplet Blues