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Intermediate Blues in A fingerstyle guitar tabs

  • Tablatures


    Yuta Tanaka

    This one has some really stylish and authentic blues bends. Remember you should practice bends with multiple fingers and be able to bend up or down. Practice 1/4, 1/2, and whole step bends with scales. Full bends, slow bends, bend and release, there's all kinds. Take this a measure at a time if you need, and remember, listening is just as important as playing when learning a song. Use the Tunefox tab player and watch the demo video repeatedly to get this tune stuck in your head before you try to play it.

  • Licks

    Bluesy Fill

    Fill Lick

  • Bluesy Descent

    I to IV Lick


More about Intermediate Blues in A

Intermediate Blues in A has a lot of great ideas that can be reusable and moves all up and down the guitar neck.