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Blue Ridge Cabin Home - Up the Neck

  • Up the Neck
  • Key   Bb
  • Tempo   115 bpm
  • Tuning   GDAE

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This time around, the melody is played up the neck. The arrangement is based off the position you play in when fretting a 4 finger Bluegrass chop chord. Learning to play out of movable chord shapes will help you play in so many keys. It's a movable shape that doesn't rely on open strings. So, as long as you know the chords and where to play them, you'll have a bagful of licks and tricks that will be ready to go when you get the nod at a jam. Make sure to check out those licks for some great Monroe, Bluegrass, and chord shape based riffs that you can take and apply any time you use those chord shapes!

Tags: #mandolin, #traditional, #standard, #monroe, #bobby osborne, #bluegrass