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Lick of the Week

Bluesy #4

This lick is a finger buster! Take it slow to get all of the correct slurs and right hand pick strokes correct.

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Online Mandolin licksLearn licks for bluegrass mandolin using the Tunefox website. These mandolin licks are categorized into different types to help you structure your learning. There’s a variety of lick options to choose from ranging from Bluesy to Chromatic. The mandolin tab for each lick is interactive and some mandolin licks even include a video showing fretting and picking hands. Using the tempo slider, you can set your tempo for the playback speed and play along with the mandolin tab to polish your playing.

Continue learning mandolin lick after mandolin lick included in the lick library or try and fit the lick you’re working on into your favorite song. The key of the lick is also included in the tab information at the top of the page. Also, each lick can be found in a song in the mandolin song tab library and you can click on a link at the top of the page to navigate to see and hear the lick in action. This will give you a better understanding of not only how to play the lick but also how to fit it in the context of a bluegrass mandolin solo.