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Watson's Blues - Monroe Style

  • Monroe Style
  • Key   E
  • Tempo   65 bpm
  • Tuning   GDAE

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This version of Watson's Blues is closely based on the playing of Bill Monroe. Even the licks are based off of various recordings of Bill through ought the years. Feel free to slide into and out of a lot of the tremolos. This sis a technique Bill used often. It does a couple of things. First, it helps you get into and out of different playing positions. Second, it gives a very smooth sound that resembles slides on the fiddle. At the end of measure 13, there is a stop. This is usually when the guitar comes in and does the signature Doc Watson lick. This happens there, and before the start of the song. If you listen to the original recording you will hear it. It's very evident. Enjoy this one folks! Check out all the great Monroe licks too.

Tags: #bluegrass, #mandolin, #tremolo, #slow