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Beginner Banjo 101 - Slurs Workout

  • Slurs Workout
  • Key   G
  • Tempo   60 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD
Slurs are a way of playing 2 or more notes, picking only the first note. The following notes are played by maneuvering your fretting hand. Good timing with your slides is important. Make sure to practice this at a manageable tempo when using the Tunefox player. A "pull-off" is done by pulling a finger that's placed on a fretted note inward towards your hand. When done correctly, the string should snap off of your finger as you pull it. The note that sounds will be the open string, or lower fretted note that you pull off too. A "hammer-on" is done by playing an open or fretted, and hammering your fingertip onto a note that is higher than the first. Keep your finger curled as you strike. Play just behind the fret-wire. A "slide" is done by playing the first note, and sliding while maintaining enough pressure to have the note to continually sound as you slide. Make sure you keep pressure when you land on your targeted fret at the end of the slide.

Tags: #exercises, #technique workout