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Standard banjo tuning

For bluegrass, the 5 string banjo is typically tuned to G tuning. Most tunes in the bluegrass repertoire use this tuning but there are some that require other tunings like double C, drop C, sawmill, or D tuning, to name a few.

When tuning your banjo, don’t turn the peg too hard or fast as it could damage your instrument or break a string. Using a tuner will help you find the notes you’re looking for faster.

Banjo string tuning options:

These are the most common tunings you will encounter in a bluegrass/old-time music setting.

  • Open G - gDGBD
  • Drop C - gCGBD
  • Double C - gCGCD
  • Sawmill - gDGCD
  • D Tuning - f#DF#AD
  • D tuning (alt) - aDF#AD