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Clinch Mountain Backstep - Scruggs Style - Beginner

  • Scruggs Style - Beginner
  • Key   G
  • Capo   2
  • Tempo   100 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD

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A lot of pickers struggle with the timing of this tune when trying to play a more advanced Scruggs style version, or when trying to play it like Ralph played it. Those are tough for a few reasons. There's something called anticipated attack that is a tricky rhythmic thing, precise timing of slides required, alternate string hammer-ons, etc., etc. The list goes on

This version is much easier There's no slurs or slides, it uses repeated roll patterns, and there's no anticipated attacks or other super tricky rhythms - besides the unavoidable 5 measure bar we need to play because that's how the tune was written. This is done with a purpose. So you can get to playing sooner. Less initial challenge will allow you to start focusing on things that are more important - like steady timing! After you can nail that down, try a few licks. They show you how we can add in just a few things to get a whole new sound!

Tags: #bluesy, #banjo tune, #up-tempo