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Hear the Whistle Blow a Hundred Miles - Scruggs Style

  • Scruggs Style
  • Key   G
  • Tempo   80 bpm
  • Tuning   eDGBD

Listen on:

This classic folk tune works great with bluegrass banjo. On a lot of slower and mid-tempo tunes, Earl Scruggs would often use a double thumb picking technique. It's used throughout this arrangement and in the first measure kickoff. If double thumbing is too tough you can pick it using single string technique(thumb, index) or by substituting a hammer on in place of the double thumb. The alternate fingering licks in measure 1 demonstrate these options.

If you listen to the recording example, you may be able to hear that Flatt and Scruggs play this with a swing feel. You can activate the swing feature in the playback tab to hear this in the Tunefox tablature player.

Check out those licks for some great variations on the main theme, and remember to use the difficulty slider on the arrangement or individual measures if any of the licks are too tough.

Tags: #folk, #bluegrass, #flatt & scruggs