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I'm So Afraid of Losing you Again - Kickoff

  • Kickoff
  • Key   F
  • Tempo   60 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD

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This is a beautiful kickoff as played by J.D. Crowe on the New South album, "Come on Down to My World". The timing is tough here. Make sure to listen to the original repeatedly and regularly as part of your practice when learning this kickoff. Also, use the Focus feature in Tunefox to listen to tough measures repeatedly and practice them until they are nailed down. There is a lot of really precise detail in the playing and tab here, in order to clearly see that all, go to the settings and set measures per row to 1 or 2. That way you'll be able to clearly see all the beautiful subtleties in the tab for this gorgeous kickoff.

Tags: #banjo, #j. d. crowe