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Mary Had a Little Lamb - Melody

  • Melody
  • Key   G
  • Tempo   60 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD

If you are a beginner, learning familiar and simple melodies is invaluable. If you are a beginner in regard to learning by ear, simple and familiar melodies are again, a great place to start. Try using our hide notes feature to aid your ear training. Always try and sing or speak the words to the song as you play. This is so beneficial for you. It well help improve your memorization of the tune and amplify your innate musicality. After getting the hang of the melody. Try out some of those licks. Use the focus feature to listen to and practice repeatedly.

The melody here is played with just two fingers. The two finger style is often a lot more intuitive and simple than 3 finger, or Scruggs style, banjo. If you check out the licks you'll notice there are both two and three finger options. You can totally blend those styles in a very natural way.

Tags: #beginner, #banjo, #scruggs. melodic, #single string, #nursery rhyme