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Polka on the Banjo - Backup

  • Backup
  • Key   C
  • Tempo   130 bpm
  • Tuning   gCGBD

This Backup arrangement teaches you a lot! You'll learn the kickoff, backup for the verse, the turnaround lick, and backup for the chorus! The kickoff licks are transcriptions of Earl's playing, and the backup is based on roll patterns he played in the original recording. Earl never played anything the same way twice. That's really cool, but it can make learning a new tune daunting. We've simplified and streamlined the arrangement. Instead of having different roll patterns every other measure, we use the same one multiple times. This allows you to get playing a lot quicker. Learn a few roll patterns, one for each chord, instead of 30 different ones and get to picking!

If you want to add in some variations, check out the licks. There's some cool options for walking from one chord to another, and there's a lot of Scruggs style Backup variations just as Earl played them. Dig in y'all