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Take 5 - Melodic

  • Melodic
  • Key   Dm
  • Capo   1
  • Tempo   80 bpm
  • Tuning   aDGBD

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Turn on the swing and Take 5! This tune has a great melody and is in 5/4, hence the title. You can access the swing feel in the playback tab. After the head(main melody) is played, the musicians usually jam on the A section. Nail down the melody, then check out some of those licks. Several of the Jazz licks are ones that Paul Desmond played. The original song is in Ebm. We can get there by putting the capo on at the first fret, and spiking the 5th string at the eighth fret. It opens up a lot of great melodic licks. The B part of this tune is easiest played in the single string style. It's not usually used for improv, so learn the melody true and try to get a nice tone. Don't pick too hard. Experiment with pick hand placement and pick angles to get a sound that you like.

Tags: #jazz, #banjo, #melodic, #single string