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The Battle of New Orleans - Single String

  • Single String
  • Key   G
  • Tempo   70 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD

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Playing this melody accurately can be tough, and requires a lot of single string technique. Use the tempo and difficulty sliders to adjust this tune to your level when you are starting to learn it.

If you look over the tab and listen before trying to play, and you always should, then you'll notice Measure two has you play in 12th position and shifts out to 7th position near the end of the measure. These position shifts are marked with slides. Other necessary position shifts should be made while open strings are played. The fret hand fingerings are marked in the tablature so definitely pay attention to those.

There's some great licks available for you in this one. There's many melodic licks that show how to play a single string passage in the melodic style.

Tags: #vocal tune, #medium-tempo