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Wayfaring Stranger - Melodic Style

  • Melodic Style
  • Key   G minor
  • Tempo   65 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBbD

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A beautiful challenge. Changing the tuning is common among banjo players. Earl did it for Reuben, Sammy Shelor often plays out of sawmill tuning, and a lot of pickers go to this minor tuning for songs like Kentucky Mandolin, Jerusalem Ridge, and other songs in a minor key. Tune the B string down to a Bb and you're ready for this one. Changing the tuning helps to make the stretches for some melodic runs easier, and sets you up for open rolls over the root chord. Please, enjoy this tune. This new tuning will open up a new world of possibility and color for your musical journey.

Tags: #minor key, #slow, #vocal song