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Wild Bill Jones - Single String Style

  • Single String Style
  • Key   G minor
  • Capo   4
  • Tempo   115 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD
If you're gonna play single string, don't hold back. Don't box yourself into thinking you have to play single string the way Earl did. Because he didn't. Take inspirations from other instruments. Check out this Charles Sawtelle arrangement of Wild Bill Jones adapted for single string. Charles was the guitarist for the renowned band, Hot Rize. Some parts are simple. This is a good thing because the melody is stated strongly. Then we've got a couple hot licks, cross-picking, and the lick switcher is loaded and ready to go. What started as a single string arrangement could turn into a stylistic Frankenstein monster! Don't box yourself in.

Tags: #old time, #bluesy, #vocal song