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There is a Time - Clawhammer

  • Clawhammer
  • Key   Cm
  • Tempo   120 bpm
  • Tuning   GCGCD

This arrangement builds upon the melody. We're adding in the bum-ditty pattern throughout, along with a few chord strums. The rhythm in measure 7 may be a little tricky for you. If so, use the focus feature to loop and listen to the measure repeatedly. Then play it repeatedly until it is easy and natural for you. Maybe that process takes a few minutes, maybe a few days or longer. It's different for all. Don't give up. Also use the tempo slider to play things slowly at first. Steady timing always trumps speed. If you can't play it cleanly and with even timing you're going to fast for your current level.

If you noticed we've changed up the melody a bit in measure 8. In place of that we have some partial chords that follow the movement of the chord progression. Check out the licks to add in some more bluesy flair. or try out some more advanced clawhammer lists.