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There is a Time - McEuen Style

  • McEuen Style
  • Key   Cm
  • Capo   2
  • Tempo   120 bpm
  • Tuning   GCGCE

If you are a fan of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, then you probably know who John McEuen is. As a founding member of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, "The String Wizard" was the consummate utility player for one of the most important bands in American history. This arrangement is a transcription of his Break from Will the Circle be Unbroken: Vol. III.

He uses space in a brilliant way, and phrases much like a singer in that he leaves "breaths" before and between phrases. There's a lot of subtlety in his playing, so much that it's hard to put all that detail into tablature, you need to listen to the original recording. Repeatedly. There's a lot of syncopation and complexity here. Use that focus feature and tempo slider to take in things slowly and a measure at a time. Read before you play, and listen before you play, and do that...repeatedly.

Check out some of those licks for some simpler options or cool variations to combine with John's already fabulous playing.