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Red Haired Boy - No Capo - Low Octave

  • No Capo - Low Octave
  • Key   A
  • Tempo   105 bpm
  • Tuning   EADGBE
Learning to play a standard fiddle tune out of a different position with a capo, or in this case without a capo, is a great exercise. It can really help you see a familiar scale pattern in a new place on the fret board. It can also unlock brand new sounds. In this arrangement, we are getting low. Playing on the bass strings is a very cool sound, and can be very powerful. Pick a little closer to the bridge if the notes aren't cutting in a jam situation. Several of the licks here use the same notes in the main arrangement, but in a closed position. Closed position means no open strings. Most of the closed positions here will require your index finger to hang out around the second fret. We call that second position. In those situations, use your index finger for 2nd fret, middle finger for 3rd fret, ring finger for 4th fret, and use your pinky for the 5th fret. This is a big stretch, but the most important thing to reach is not stretching your wrist, hands or fingers, but adopting the correct hand position. Thumb on back of neck, elbow relaxed inwards. Pinky should be curved, and you'll end up playing with more of the side of your first finger.

Tags: #instrumental, #medium-tempo, #irish music