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Buegrass music uses standard guitar tuning. From the lowest string to the highest string the notes are EADGBE. Occasionally drop D may be used, but for the most part guitarists in a Bluegrass band keep it simple.

How it works?
1. Select your instrument and press 'Start Tuning' button.
2. When prompted, allow your browser to use the microphone.
3. Pluck the string you want to tune and the tuner will highlight the note letter for you and show you if you are sharp or flat.
4. When the note turns orange, it means it is close to being in tune.
5. When the note turns green, that string is in tune.
Not sure how to tune your guitar?
Checkout our guitar beginner video lesson How to tune your guitar »

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Spice things up?
These are the most common tunings you will encounter in a bluegrass/old-time music setting.

  • Standard guitar tuning - EADGBE
  • Drop D - DADGBE
  • Open G - DGDGBD

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