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Salt Spring - Bluegrass - Basic

  • Bluegrass - Basic
  • Key   A
  • Tempo   80 bpm
  • Tuning   GDAE

This is a simplified version of Salt Spring. It will be well suited for beginners, and can be made even easier if you use the difficulty slider. Simple versions of a tune are also great to have on deck if you are an intermediate of advanced player. A simple version will be easier to play at faster speeds. It's also easier to see how notes connect with chord changes, and is a great spring board to add in licks and variations.

There's some simple licks and some that are a bit more challenging. There's even a few based on the lead variations of Mr. Reischman. When selecting a lick, you can use the difficulty slider to adjust the difficulty of just that measure/lick. You can lock it so that the main slider won't affect that measure. Use Tunefox tools to customize arrangements and enhance your practice sessions.