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Appalachian Rain - Eldridge Style

  • Eldridge Style
  • Key   Gm
  • Tempo   122 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD

This amazing banjo instrumental in G minor tuning is perfect for intermediate or advanced players looking to expand their knowledge of melodic and Scruggs style playing. It is a transcription of Ben's playing. The tune opens with a series of harmonic double stops. It's like the first few raindrops before a storm. The harmonics are indicated by the angle brackets around the fret numbers on the tablature. To play the harmonic, lightly rest your finger on the string, directly above the indicated fret, then pick.

The harmonic opening is followed by a long descending melodic phrase that oozes the blues. Now the rain is really starting to come down! The B part is chock full of sophisticated Scruggs style subtlety. Listen to the original regularly. Study the tablature. Read it like you read a book, then re-read it. Notice any repeating measures? Those are ones you need to practice. Use the focus feature to work on those repeatedly at a speed you can handle until they are easy for you.

Learning to play this like Ben did is plenty, however if you are still hungry for more, or just want to create an arrangement that is more unique. Try out some licks. There's some great options to explore.