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Banjo tablatures for Appalachian Rain

Ben Eldridge

Recomended level: Intermediate

"Appalachian Rain," a striking banjo composition crafted by the talented Ben Eldridge, is an integral part of the Seldom Scene's musical legacy. This piece beautifully marries Scruggs and Melodic style, resulting in a compelling blend of intricate melodies that echo the rhythm of the mountain rain. Ideal for both Intermediate and Advanced banjo players, this piece offers an excellent opportunity to experience and embrace the depth of Eldridge's impeccable musicianship. Dive into the "Appalachian Rain" and let the resonant strings of your banjo reverberate with the essence of Appalachia.

It's no surprise Ben's original tune combines Scruggs and Melodic styles, considering some of his biggest influences are Bill Keith and Bill Emerson. Keith pioneered the melodic style and Emerson elevated Scruggs style banjo playing. These are two players who oozed class and sophistication - just like Ben. It is played in G minor tuning. If your banjo is normally in open G, and it probably is, then you'll be tuning your B string down a half-step to B flat. Using the focus feature to loop phrases on this tune will help tremendously. Make sure to read the tab description for the arrangement to get more detailed practice and performance tips.

  • Banjo Appalachian Rain Eldridge Style

    Eldridge Style

    This amazing banjo instrumental in G minor tuning is perfect for intermediate or advanced players looking to expand their knowledge of melodic and Scruggs style playing. It is a tra...

    Banjo Appalachian Rain Eldridge Style