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Bluegrass in the Backwoods - Naiditch Style

  • Naiditch Style
  • Key   Dm
  • Tempo   120 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD

This is a melodic and single string tour de force. It's not easy. Several melodic and single string scales are used in this tune. The 5th string is not spiked, which is unusual for D minor in the melodic style. For melodic and single string scales - D minor, F major, C major, and D harmonic minor are all used, along with some nifty, and bluesy, chromatic movement. David Naiditch is a brilliant harmonica player. There are very few people, if any others, that can do what he does. Playing fiddle tunes of this complexity note for note with brilliant added variations is uncommon indeed. We've adapted almost every note he played on the recording of this tune to the banjo. Make sure to listen to the tune slowly with the Tunefox player - and check out the original! Try to read the tablature and listen to the tune each time before picking up your instrument and playing. Make use of the focus feature and tempo slider for effective practice. Use times you are playing an open string to make position shifts

If you look in the lick switcher, you'll find a heap of Bob Black Style licks. Bob Black is a brilliant banjo player that has been a member of Bill Monroe's band. He's as legit as they come. He's great in the melodic and Scruggs styles. In the C section of the core arrangement, there's some notes you'll need to strike with your thumb to get sustain and good volume. On a harmonica you can play one note and hold it. It will sound great. That's just the nature of that instrument. We don't have that sustain on banjo and often don't play like that, but it can sound really cool and provide a nice change after the barrage of melodic notes. Sub in some of the Bob Black licks here and elsewhere for a "notier" option.