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Bury Me Beneath the Willow - Melody - Key of C

  • Melody - Key of C
  • Key   C
  • Tempo   80 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD

Try to practice singing or speaking the words as you play this. The benefits are numerous! It helps your memory and brings out innate musicality in all of us. Also, pay close attention to the fingering suggestions, some of them are tough, but they prepare you for what will be used when we incorporate rolls and chord shapes. You can use other fingers at first to just ge the melody down, but then start working on the suggested fingerings so you'll be prepared to play this song Scruggs style.

It's good to know how to play breaks and melodies in multiple keys, it enhances your fretboard knowledge, and prepares you for many playing situations. Some male singers may sing this song around G or A.. If we know the song in G we can play in that key or use a capo at the second fret to play in the key of A. Capos are a great tool we use a lot as banjo players. A lot of female singers might choose C or D. If we work this song out in C we can also just use a capo at the second fret to play it in D. It's just like magic! Make sure to always capo or retune your fifth string to match where you capo. It's best to get "railroad spikes" installed by a qualified luthier, or use a 5th string capo. Tuning it up past "A" will risk breaking the string.

Try out a few licks. It shows you how to incorporate some rolls and chord pinches to get a fuller banjo sound. Use Tunefox Tools like the focus feature, tempo slider and difficulty slider to aid your progress and practice at a level and speed that's right for you.

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