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I'm on My Way Back to the Old Home - Scruggs Style - Basic

  • Scruggs Style - Basic
  • Key   G
  • Capo   2
  • Tempo   80 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD

This is a very simple version that's based on the melody. If you've learned the melody well and tried a few licks there, this should come together for you fairly nicely. If you look above the tablature you may notice a strange symbol that looks like this: ">". Most of us know this from math as the "greater than" sign. In music it means to accent a certain note. Accenting a note is when you play it slightly louder than others. This is a subtle think that really helps bring music to life. If you listen with the Tunefox player you will be able to hear that difference. Use the player to practice listening, both to the entire song and with the focus feature on individual measures. Making listening part of your practice will work wonders in your playing

If the accents are too much, just focus on getting the notes and basic timing down first and then you can work on accent and dynamic control a measure at a time with the focus feature. Make sure that your base volume level when playing banjo is at a medium volume. If you are playing everything loud you are not playing with good dynamics.

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