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Ole Slew Foot - Scruggs Style

  • Scruggs Style
  • Key   G
  • Tempo   60 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD

This basic arrangement is built off the melody and utilizes the Foggy Mountain roll to highlight the melody and get that quintessential bluegrass sound. There's an alternating thumb roll used in measure 4, and while the patter for your right hand uses the same fingers, you'll be switching strings from 4th to 3rd, then 5th to 4th. If this is hard just make your own exercise and practice playing and switching between those strings repeatedly using just your thumb. You could also slide the difficulty slider toward easy to dial out some of the extra notes.

Obviously, you'll need to have the Foggy Mountain Roll mastered before being able to tackle this arrangement. Check that link to get a lesson on how to play it. You can also use the focus feature on measure one to get some extra practice with it. To get a workout with the Alternating thumb, which is hugely important for Scruggs style banjo, then check out our Alternating Thumb 101 exercises.

Check out the licks for some more authentic Scruggs vocabulary. You can sub in several licks to create completely new arrangements!