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Banjo tablatures for Ole Slew Foot

Jim and Jesse

Recomended level: Beginner

"Ole Slew Foot" is a captivating banjo tune, steeped in the core essence of classic bluegrass music. Originally popularized by the legendary Jim & Jesse, this song has since become a jam standard in the bluegrass community. With a melody that's engaging yet approachable, it's an excellent piece for all banjo players, regardless of skill level. Learn to pick the vibrant, foot-tapping rhythms of Ole Slew Foot and keep the timeless tradition of bluegrass alive.

As always, start with the melody. Get that down. Play until it's easy, then play some more. Always make sure you're practicing at a tempo you can handle. After that check out the Scruggs Style version of this tune. The basic arrangement adds some simple rolls to the melody and more authentic Scruggs vocabulary awaits you in the available licks. Lastly, check out the Alan Shelton arrangements of this tune. Alan played with the Legendary Jim & Jesse. He's known for developing the "Shelton Bounce", which is a driving banjo with a heavy swing feel. It really makes your toes tap. To simulate this, engage the swing feature in Tunefox when playing and practicing. Remember to turn it off when checking out other tunes as most Bluegrass picking calls for straight timing.

  • Banjo Ole Slew Foot Melody


    This melody provides you with both the verse and chorus. The verse is listed as the "A" section, and the chorus is listed as the "B". You can use the focus feature to practice indiv...

    Banjo Ole Slew Foot Melody
  • Banjo Ole Slew Foot Scruggs Style

    Scruggs Style

    This basic arrangement is built off the melody and utilizes the Foggy Mountain roll to highlight the melody and get that quintessential bluegrass sound. There's an alternating thumb...

    Banjo Ole Slew Foot Scruggs Style
  • Banjo Ole Slew Foot Alan Shelton: Kickoff

    Alan Shelton: Kickoff

    This is a transcription of Alan Shelton's playing from the Jim and Jesse record, "Y'all Come!". They "put the scald on this one" and played it at around 147 BPM! Alan's unique banjo...

    Banjo Ole Slew Foot Alan Shelton: Kickoff
  • Banjo Ole Slew Foot Alan Shelton: Break

    Alan Shelton: Break

    This transcription of Alan Shelton's break will come pretty easy to you if you've learned the kickoff. He plays almost the exact same thing here, the only difference is he plays som...

    Banjo Ole Slew Foot Alan Shelton: Break