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Randy Lynn Rag - Earl Scruggs

  • Earl Scruggs
  • Key   G
  • Tempo   120 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD

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This is a classic Scruggs instrumental. It usually makes use of Keith tuners, cheat-ah keys or similar tuning devices to get that signature sound in the melody of the A section. Since most banjo players don't have those, we'll use some fret hand embellishment to mimic that. Everything else here is just like Earl played it. We've marked this one at 120 BPM, however Earl played this in the neighborhood of 160! However, it still sounds great at whatever tempo you are comfortable with!

There's lots of great licks in this one, some are Earl Scruggs signature licks like he played on the recording of this tune, those are the ones simply marked "Earl Scruggs". There's also some cool melodic and single string options if you want a more modern sound, and there's a few Scruggs style licks. These are just ones that use techniques similar to Earl but aren't exact transcriptions from his recordings, they are meant to give you new ideas and perspective on how to interpret the tune or how to insert some of his standard go-to bits of banjo vocabulary.

Tags: #instrumental, #up-tempo