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Banjo tablatures for Randy Lynn Rag

Earl Scruggs

Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #instrumental, #up-tempo

This is a great instrumental written by Earl Scruggs. He named it after his own son, Randy. When learning this tune, start off with the Melody. While most Scruggs tunes don't have a precise melodies like someone would sing or play in some traditional fiddle tunes, there are still target notes that Earl highlights individually or within the rolls he plays. Starting with the Melody tab will help you see the basic outline of the tune and learn those important notes and positions. After you've gotten a hang of the basic Melody arrangement, try a few licks. Learning just a few of these will help you learn how to incorporate rolls and fret hand embellishments using the specific target notes.

The Earl Scruggs arrangement is a transcription from the man himself. That signature sound in the A section of the tune that's usually played with Keith tuners, Cheat-ah keys or the like, is achieved with some simple fret hand embellishment for those of us with standard tuners. This happens in measure 4 of both arrangements. Earl played this super fast, but you should always focus on steady timing, and control of your dynamics and tone before pushing your speed.

  • Banjo Randy Lynn Rag Melody


    This basic melody arrangement will introduce you to the target notes and fretboard positions needed to play this tune. Work on getting your timing solid first. Go bit by bit, or meas...

    Banjo Randy Lynn Rag Melody
  • Banjo Randy Lynn Rag Earl Scruggs

    Earl Scruggs

    This is a classic Scruggs instrumental. It usually makes use of Keith tuners, cheat-ah keys or similar tuning devices to get that signature sound in the melody of the A section. Sin...

    Banjo Randy Lynn Rag Earl Scruggs