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Keep on the Sunny Side [Mandolin]

By Bennett Sullivan on Nov 2, 2017


Hey Tunefoxer,

Here's a lesson that will teach the basics of using the Tunefox app to learn mandolin tunes. In this video, you'll see how I interact with the app to simultaneously learn by ear, practice individual measures, and use the advanced features to memorize and get this song up to speed.

This is a great tutorial for you if you're interested in how to use Tunefox to it's fullest potential on every arrangement in the library but will also give you a good idea on how to play the intermediate version of 'Keep on the Sunny Side' :). Click here to learn along with this video.

The features I'm using are the Lick Switcher, Hide Notes, Memory Train, Automatic Scrolling, Speed-Up, Measure Selection, Looping, and Backing Tracks.

p.s. sorry for being a little out of tune. I hope it doesn't bother your too much :).


Lorne Stamler , stamler1@verizon.net

11/05/2017, 07:45 AM

Bennett you should also sell one song at a time if a person doesn't want to pay for all of them per month. It takes me a month to llearn one new song so it would be beneficial for me to buy one song. Just a thought maybe $5.95 per song.

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