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Foggy Mountain Special - Scruggs Style - Basic

  • Scruggs Style - Basic
  • Key   G
  • Tempo   85 bpm
  • Tuning   gDGBD

This is a nice simplified version of Foggy Mountain Special. Get the basic arrangement down first. You may have to focus on a measure at a time at first. As you improve, strive to be able to play the entire song 3-5 times in a row without stopping. Make sure to practice at a speed that's comfortable for you. Slow and steady beat is always better than fast and sloppy.

Notice how measure 1 is the same as measure 2. Use the focus feature to practice measure 1 until it is easy. Play it over and over with the Tunefox player. If you have measure 1 down by itself, you also have measure 2 down. That's efficient and effective practice.

After getting a hang of the basic arrangement, check out some licks to add in some flair and authentic Scruggs style vocabulary that includes more complex fret hand maneuvers like hammer-ons, bends, and slides

Engage that swing feature. This tune is always played with a swing feel. You can engage that in the playback menu.

Tags: #the blues, #medium-tempo, #bluesy, #solo