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Bass tablatures for Blackberry Blossom


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #up-tempo, #fiddle tune

Blackberry Blossom for Bass is an upbeat and lively fiddle tune that will have intermediate bass players jamming along in no time. With its infectious melody and quick-paced rhythm, this song is sure to bring a touch of bluegrass to any performance. Get ready to groove along to this up-tempo classic!

  • Bass Blackberry Blossom Solo


    This is a challenging solo for Blackberry Blossom simply because the pace of the song is usually fast. Take it slow at first so you can nail all of the right and left hand articulati...

    Bass Blackberry Blossom Solo
  • Bass Blackberry Blossom Backup


    This is a classic fiddle tune and one that you'll hear a ton at jam sessions. The chords in the A section change every beat.

    Bass Blackberry Blossom Backup