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Bass tablatures for Cripple Creek


Recomended level: Beginner

Dive into the world of rhythm with Cripple Creek, a must-learn for every IBass enthusiast. Specifically crafted for beginners, this song offers an unmatched opportunity to fine-tune your backup skills. Cripple Creek is a gateway to mastering the art of supporting the melody with your bass, turning you into a more robust and complete musician. Particularly great for those on the start of their musical journey. Enjoy the thrill of creating harmonious music!

This is a jam standard you need to get down with! Make sure to try out licks to learn some backup variations that will keep you and others interested. After getting the basics down, turn down the bass volume in the player and use the hide notes feature to rely on your memory. You can also try and go to an arrangement that's for banjo, mandolin, or guitar and play bass along with that. It will force you to rely on your memory, and you'll get some experience of playing along with another instrument. Make sure to turn down the band volume slightly in the player.

  • Bass Cripple Creek Backup


    This backup utilizes your open strings for ease of playing. Make sure to try out a few licks for variation. Turn down the bass volume and use hide notes after you get the hang of it....

    Bass Cripple Creek Backup
  • Bass Cripple Creek Backup - High Register

    Backup - High Register

    This backup is focused more in the high register. Being able to play a tune in multiple registers and positions makes you a versatile accompanist. If you are backing up a guitar play...

    Bass Cripple Creek Backup - High Register