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Bass tablatures for Cluck Old Hen


Recomended level: Beginner

Tags: #old time, #medium tempo, #instrumental, #bluesy

Cluck Old Hen is a cheerful, old-time instrumental with a bluesy twist. Perfect for beginner bass players, this medium-tempo track has an easy chord progression and a lighthearted energy. Get ready to put a twinkle in your toes and start plucking!

  • Bass Cluck Old Hen Solo


    This fun solo for Cluck Old Hen will give you some insight into playing bluesy melodies on the bass.

    Bass Cluck Old Hen Solo
  • Bass Cluck Old Hen Backup


    With this arrangement for Cluck Old Hen, you'll learn how to play tastefully and simply with a band. Because the bass line is simple, you can focus on the groove and rhythm.

    Bass Cluck Old Hen Backup