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Cluck Old Hen bass tabs

  • Tablatures



    This fun solo for Cluck Old Hen will give you some insight into playing bluesy melodies on the bass.

  • Backup


    With this arrangement for Cluck Old Hen, you'll learn how to play tastefully and simply with a band. Because the bass line is simple, you can focus on the groove and rhythm.


More about Cluck Old Hen

With Tunefox, you can learn 2 bluegrass bass arrangements to Cluck Old Hen. Solo tab will give you a good foundation for the melody and help you develop a bluegrass bass vocabulary while also staying true to the melody of Cluck Old Hen. With the backup arrangement, you’ll learn how to play with a band and you can focus on the groove and rhythm.

Build your tempo with the "Speed-Up" tool. This tool along with the measure isolation will help you overcome problematic passages of the Cluck Old Hen by automatically increasing the tempo. Click on individual measures to isolate them and activate the "Speed-Up" tool in the "Tools" menu. "Memory-Train" practice tool will help you to practice technique and memorize the arrangement of this song by deleting a few notes from the tab each time it loops.

Tunefox offers real-sounding backing tracks so you can practice with a band. You can also easily adjust band, bass and metronome volume in the "Settings" menu.

Want to be a more creative bass player? Tunefox lick switcher gives you an opportunity to learn different variations of the Cluck Old Hen. Most of the measures can be changed into a different style, just click on the "Original Measure" text above the measure. If you want a completely new arrangement of this song, use the Shuffle Licks button in the bottom right corner.

Members can export their arrangements into PDF, allowing them to print and bring them to their next jam session.