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Bass tablatures for Cherokee Shuffle


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #instrumental, #fiddle-tune, #up-tempo

Get ready to groove with Cherokee Shuffle for Bass, an upbeat fiddle-tune perfect for intermediate players. Let your fingers fly as you master this instrumental classic that is guaranteed to get your audience's toes tapping. With its catchy melody and up-tempo rhythm, Cherokee Shuffle is a must-know for any bass player looking to add some spice to their repertoire.

  • Bass Cherokee Shuffle Backup


    Cherokee is one of those fiddle tunes that is heard all over the world at jams so it's a great one to get under your fingers. With the lick switcher, this arrangement will give you s...

    Bass Cherokee Shuffle Backup
  • Bass Cherokee Shuffle Solo


    Here's the melody for Cherokee Shuffle. Once you get the basic version down, switch out the licks to learn about improving over this fiddle tune.

    Bass Cherokee Shuffle Solo