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Forked Deer bass tabs

  • Tablatures


    Doc Watson

    Here's the melody for Forked Deer. Practice it slow at first while focusing on cleanliness, then speed it up gradually.

  • Backup

    Doc Watson

    Here's a fiddle tune out of the key of D. The B section can get really funky on this tune depending on who you're picking with!


More about Forked Deer

We prepared these Forked Deer bass tabs so you can learn how to play backup and melody of this song. Once you feel comfortable with the basic arrangement, switch out the licks to discover different ways to walk between chords.

Tunefox’s practice tools help you with improving your speed and encourage you to learn with your ears so you never get lost in a jam session. Select the "Memory-Train" feature to hide some notes over each loop. Click on measures to isolate them and loop for practice. "Speed-Up" tool will gradually increase the bmp value so you can start slow and gather speed over time to build your technique.

A great way for you to practice the Forked Deer is to use Tunefox backing tracks. These tracks will adapt to the tempo and you can mix the tracks to meet your needs in the Settings menu. Change the volume levels of the bass, band, and metronome.

Are you tired of playing the same patterns over and over? We prepared different ways to play most of the measures so you can spice things up. We call these variations "licks" and you can change these by clicking on the "Original Measure" text above the measure. Shuffle all of the licks in the Forked Deer to get a completely new version of the song.

Members can also export all of their bass Forked Deer arrangements into PDF files.