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Bass tablatures for Ragtime Annie


Recomended level: Intermediate

Tags: #old-time, #key of d, #fiddle tune, #instrumental

"Ragtime Annie for Bass" is a lively and upbeat old-time fiddle tune in the key of D, perfect for intermediate bass players looking to add some flair to their repertoire. This instrumental piece features catchy melodies and dynamic rhythms, making it a fun and challenging piece to master on the bass. Whether you're jamming with friends or performing for a crowd, "Ragtime Annie" is sure to impress as a classic and timeless addition to any bass player's playlist.

  • Bass Ragtime Annie Backup


    Nothin too fancy here. Check out the licks to add some personality. Pay close attention to when notes are held out or cut short. The difference in a 16th note and an eighth note can ...

    Bass Ragtime Annie Backup
  • Bass Ragtime Annie Solo


    This one can be a blast on the bass. Also, any riffs resembling rock songs from the 90's are total coincidence... ;)

    Bass Ragtime Annie Solo