Enter to win a hat, t-shirt, and lifetime subscription!

By Bennett Sullivan on Sep 5, 2018


The lick switcher is the key feature of Tunefox that makes it a entirely unique learning tool.

By using it to learn multiple variations of a single song, you're training your ears and hands to better understand  musical form and ultimately how to improvise.

This month, we want you to share your lick switcher experience! And by sharing, you'll be entered to win a hat, t-shirt, and lifetime subscription combo prize!

Here's how this works:

  1. Make of you talking about your favorite Tunefox lick or song and how the lick switcher has influenced to your playing. This can be filmed on your smartphone (please use landscape mode if possible).
  2. Post this to your favorite social media outlet (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) and tag us using the hashtag #lickswitcher. Or you can send it to us and we'll share it for you.

By creating a video and sharing it you'll be entered to win this combo of prizes: hat, t-shirt, and lifetime subscription to Tunefox. The winner will be announced on Monday, September 17th.

Want to learn more about the lick switcher? Click here to watch a tutorial.


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