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3 Signs That You're Ready for the Lick Switcher

By Jakub Prokopec on Jun 3, 2018


The Lick Switcher in Tunefox is one of the hippest ways to learn multiple arrangements of a song because it gives you the ability to hear and see several versions of the melody in a specific measure. You can shuffle through and pick the lick that suits your fancy and then give it a whirl on your instrument.

But, how do you know when it’s time to switch those licks up and start getting some ideas for improv? We’re here to help with these 3 signs that will prove you’re ready to switch licks:

  1. You just finished memorizing a melody - that wasn’t too difficult, right? Now that you’ve played through this melody several times and know it well on your instrument, it’s time to learn some ways to mix it up. Click “Shuffle Licks” or go through measure by measure and curate your own arrangement.
  2. You already know the tune but want some fresh ideas - play along with the backing tracks a bit as a warmup, then browse the measures that feature the Lick Switcher. You may find something you really dig! See if it fits in the arrangement of the song you know and if not, feel free to tweak it a bit so it does.
  3. You’re looking for inspiration - Watching and listening to the tab can give you fresh ideas for what is possible and if you take a few moments to swap out some measures for new licks, you’ll find that the inspiration just keeps flowing.

There’s several ways to use the Lick Switcher in Tunefox. To discover what works best for you, spend some time practicing with the app and feel it out a bit. When are you feeling the need for some inspiration?

All of the interchangeable measures in Tunefox are handcrafted for that specific part in the song, so you can be sure that they will work contextually and sound great!

Interested in learning more about the lick switcher and how it works? Click here.

Give your playing the Tunefox boost! Click here to get started.


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