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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Camp Tunefox

By Bennett Sullivan on Mar 28, 2019


With Camp Tunefox coming up in May, we want to help prepare you for the camp experience with these five ways to get the most out of camp. There are still some spots left, so click here to register!


Set your camp goals

If you’ve ever been to a music camp you know it’s a whirlwind of learning and inspiration. Sometimes you come away from it feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what you actually learned. Don’t let that happen at Camp Tunefox! Come to camp with some written down goals for what you’d like to achieve in the next year, next six months, this month, and the camp weekend. That way, you know exactly what you’re looking for and you can get everything you need out of the camp weekend.

Make a list of tunes to learn

This ties into setting your goals a bit. What tunes do you want to have jam-ready for next year’s camp? Or next week? Reviewing your list of tunes and goals for the month is a great way to start your practice routine and to get you in the headspace for practicing. Bring this list to Camp Tunefox and share it with your teachers and the other students to get feedback or ideas on how to make your practice more efficient. You also may find that other students have similar ideas on their list and you’ll be able to trade melody ideas or jam.

Practice slow with the metronome

Practicing with the metronome is essential training to play with another person or group of people. On top of that, it’s an amazing way to track your progress and boost your technique and speed. Going slow with the metronome ensures that you are musical while performing the technical exercises your practicing. Musicality should always be first and foremost in your awareness when practicing. It’s fun to get the notes down and it’s super fun to play fast but if you don’t practice it slow first your fast playing will sound sloppy and out of time, plain and simple.

Write your practice routine down

The teachers will be present to give you feedback on virtually anything you’re looking to improve upon and having a solid and efficient practice routine is key to becoming the player you want to become. If you have a consistent routine already, write it down to share with the teachers and if you are looking for some inspiration, write down a combination of your goals and what you think you should be practicing to achieve said goals. That way, you can collaborate with the teachers and other campers to figure out the best use of your practice time.

Jam as much as possible!

Camp Tunefox will be very jam oriented, so make sure you come prepared to pick with the other campers! There will be organized small group sessions so you can get feedback on how to get better at playing with others, while nighttime sessions will be for relaxing and putting what you learned that day into practice.

To prepare for playing lots of music we recommend playing daily with a backing track, going to a weekly jam session, and practicing your kick-offs, backup, and endings. Melody is almost secondary when it comes to jamming so take some time before camp to practice your jam-skills in addition to working on those sweet licks you just stole from that Tony Rice recording.


There are still some spots left for camp and the deadline for enrollment is April 15th so register today to save yours!



04/30/2019, 11:24 AM

Hey John, a playlist is a great idea! There will be a lot of feedback from teachers and the class sizes have been kept small so there's time for both learning and implementation. We hope to have you join us next year!

John Karnes

04/01/2019, 08:27 AM

As a beginner I can foresee attending next year .To get there it would be great for you to provide a playlist I could individually conquer at the suggested metronome speed threshold to attend the camp.My current speed of 100 b/m probably would be nap time for most. I think that feedback and ways to get better would be the greatest asset of a camp like this. If someone who knows the instrument well could point out things I am stumbling over and then lead me out of the rut on the mandolin and then point me to a years worth of direction until the next camp .The whole experience would be of great worth.Satisfaction on the part of the student and satisfaction on the part of the teacher to that type of commitment to grow.

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